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Grief Counseling

You've lost a friend, loved one or beloved pet and you don't know what to do. Perhaps you have been recently diagnosed with a serious chronic illness and you are grieving the life that you once had. Grief brings you to your knees and often at the most unexpected times. Maybe it's a recent death or maybe it's been months or years since you lost someone you love and the grief is hanging over you like a dark cloud. Your head tells you that your loved one would want you to be happy but your heart doesn't feel the same way. You may see that others are moving on and you feel like you can't do the same. You may feel as though you'll never get past this. Grief unleashes so many other emotions: sadness, guilt, anger, depression, and anxiety to name only a few. You feel overwhelmed with emotions and stuck. You don't want to suffer anymore. 

I can help you to find ways to ease the feelings of being overwhelmed and stuck. I offer a safe and warm environment to cry as much as you need to along with the necessary support and guidance to acknowledge and work through your grief. I want to help you to create lasting and meaningful connections with your loved one as you rediscover purpose and meaning in your own life. 

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