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Illness & Organ Transplant

Being diagnosed with any chronic illness can come as a blow. Your whole world can feel like it has been turned upside down. It is natural to feel a range of emotions. Seeking therapy for chronic illness can help you to explore your emotions, learn ways to cope better, manage or reduce your physical symptoms and help you to find purpose. 

It can be hard to find someone who understands what it's like to live with chronic illness. You may feel like you are boring your friends and family with talk of your symptoms. You might feel overwhelmed when it comes to managing your illness. Therapy can help to decrease these stressors. A decrease in stress has been proven to lessen the physical symptoms of chronic illness. 

Organ transplant is truly a life changing experience from the time you find out you that you will need a transplant until you are living your life with your newly donated organ. The experience brings about a wide range of emotions and unknowns. Therapy can help you navigate this new experience so that you can get the most out of your new lease on life. 

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